Race Cancelled for 2021 Due to Coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will I receive a confirmation that you’ve received my registration? Yes. Individuals who register online receive e-mail confirmations.

  • What if I need to make a change to my registration information? Contact Strictly Running at (803) 799-4786 or at CustomerService@strictlyrunning.com to make any corrections.

  • What are the deadlines for registration? The deadline for group registration (7 or more entries) is midnight on March 13. The deadline for early registration for individuals is also March 13. Entry fees go up $5 after this date and are $45 the day of the event. The deadline for online registration is noon on Thursday, April 16.

  • Why is there an additional $2.70 fee for online registration? This is the standard fee banks and/or credit card companies charge for processing online transactions. You’ll find that nearly all events charge a separate fee for online registration.

  • Can I get a refund if I am unable to participate in the event? No, unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. However, you are welcome to contact Carolina Marathon Association after the event to pick up your shirt (although your preferred size might not be available.) We hold all unclaimed awards and shirts for one month after the event.

The Course

  • How are the miles marked along the course? We have standing signs at each mile along the two courses, in addition to red balloons tied to each sign at the five-mile course and purple balloons tied to each sign at the three-mile course.

  • How often are splits provided? We have volunteers providing mile splits for runners at each mile on the five-mile course

  • What fluids are available on the course? We provide water at four different stations along the course, at approximately 1, 2, 3.5 and 4.5 miles. Gatorade and water are available at the finish line and expo.

  • When does the course close? The course closes at 10:30 a.m. At this point, no police officers or course monitors are available to direct or provide support to participants.

  • When does the refreshment area close? Food and beverages are provided for participants at the expo area in Finlay Park until 10:30 a.m.

Race Day Details

  • What time does the race start? The five-mile run and walk starts at 8 a.m. The three-mile walk begins at 8:02 a.m.

  • Where should I park on race day? Ample, free parking is available around the start line and finish line near Finlay Park. Please refer to the parking map for details.

  • Where are restrooms located?
    Start Line.
    Porta potties, including one handicapped restroom, are available on Laurel Street behind the start line, which is located at the intersection of Laurel and Lincoln Streets. There is also a public restroom at the upper entrance to Finlay Park in the parking area off Laurel Street.

    On the Course. Porta potties are located on the course near the intersection of Marion and Blanding Streets. They are also located at the intersection of Gervais and Marion Streets near the Goodyear Auto Center.

    Finish Line. Porta potties are located in the Finlay Park parking area off Taylor Street near the finish line. Public restrooms are also available at the lower entrance to Finlay Park.

  • Will the event be rescheduled or postponed due to bad weather? The Heart & Sole event is held rain or shine. Due to the cost and logistics of putting on an event of this magnitude, we cannot reschedule the event if the weather is unfavorable. While the Heart & Sole event has experienced its fair share of rain and thunderstorms, the event has only been delayed once due to threatening weather. The parking garage on Lincoln Street near the start line is used as a shelter in the event of bad weather, so please plan to attend regardless of the weather!

  • Where do I fasten my race bib? Race bibs should be secured with safety pins (provided at registration) to the FRONT of your shirt or running top at all times. You should pin all four corners of the bib securely to keep it from moving during the event. Race bibs also allow us to identify you and call out your name at the finish line. In addition, they help course monitors direct you so that you stay on the correct course during the event. Please remember your bib number in the event you lose your bib.

  • Why are race bibs different colors? Race bibs are color-coordinated to distinguish runners, three-mile walkers and five-mile walkers from each other.

Packet Pick-Up

  • Where is packet pick-up held? Packet pick-up is held the Friday before the event from noon to 7:00 p.m. at Arsenal Hill, located at 1800 Lincoln Street in downtown Columbia, near the Laurel Street entrance to Finlay Park. You may also register and pick up your packets the morning of the event from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. at the same location. However, participants are advised to arrive early.

  • Can I pick up someone else’s race packet? Yes. You can pick up the race packets of your friends and family, as long as you sign a form indicating you did so. This helps avoid confusion.

  • I ordered the wrong size shirt. Can I switch? Unfortunately, we order shirts based on the information provided on the entry forms. That’s why we cannot guarantee them to late registrants OR make switches until after the event is over and we assess our remaining inventory. If your shirt does not fit, you can certainly call us after the event to see if there are any remaining shirts available. If so, we will gladly let you switch sizes.

  • Where should I park for packet pick-up? Parking is very limited immediately in front of the Arsenal Hill building where packet pick-up is held (1800 Lincoln Street). However, metered parking is available at the upper entrance to Finlay Park on Laurel Street and on many of the streets surrounding Arsenal Hill.

  • What do I need to bring to registration? Please bring the printout of the written confirmation you received when you registered online. If you have any questions about your confirmation, contact Strictly Running at (803) 799-7986 or at CustomerService@strictlyrunning.com.

Packet Pick-Up For Groups

  • Can the team captain or group leader pick up the race packets for an entire group at once? Yes. All packets for groups, including shirts, are prepackaged for group leaders at packet pick-up. However, we strongly advise that you double-check each of your race packets BEFORE YOU LEAVE to make sure they contain the proper shirt sizes, the correct information on bibs for each of your participants, etc. It is also a good idea to make arrangements to meet your group before the race begins to give them their bibs and shirts. Your group can get really miffed at you if they come to packet pick-up only to realize you already picked up their race packets!

  • If I’m part of a group, can I pick up my packet individually? Yes. You can pick up your packet individually, as long as you sign a form indicating you did so. To avoid confusion, please make sure that your team captain or group leader is not picking up the packets for your entire group.

  • What should I bring to packet pick-up to get my race packet if I’m part of a group? You must know the SPECIFIC NAME of your group and the CONTACT PERSON. Sometimes, a company name alone is not enough since there can be many groups within the same company. If you’re picking up the packets for ALL of your group members, you should have a list of all names in your group so as to double-check that you have all your race packets.

ChronoTrack Race Tags for Runners

  • What race tags are used at Heart & Sole? Heart & Sole uses the B-tag (race tag) from ChronoTrack Systems. These tags offer many advantages including the most accurate timing available. The tag comes attached to your race bib and should not be removed.

  • Why don’t walkers use race tags? Because walkers aren’t timed, they are not issued racing tags. Walkers of all levels participate in the Heart & Sole event, and we do not want to encourage speed over participation. Therefore, we suggest walkers wear a watch with a timer if they wish to time their personal results.

  • Where do I pick up my race tag? Race tags are adhered to the back of your race bibs, which are available at packet pick-up.

  • Can I pick up a race tag for my friends? Yes, if you present their bib numbers.

  • I forgot to pick up my race tag. Can I still get my results? No. Unfortunately, only those runners who wear their race tags receive results.

  • Can I use my own race chip instead of the race tag? No. The disposable race tag given to you is the only method of timing the Heart & Sole race. Other tags and chips are not compatible with the ChronoTrack system.

  • What happens if my race tag gets wet? The tag is completely weatherproof and will work in any kind of weather conditions.

  • Where do I return my race tag? The new race tags are disposable, so you do not need to return them.

Race Results

  • Where are race results posted at the event? Race results for runners are posted at the awards stage in Finlay Park as soon as they are available. After the event, results of all runners who completed the race are posted online at our results page. A listing of all walkers registered for the event is also posted online at this Web site.

  • I just found out that I won an award at the Heart & Sole. How can I pick it up? All awards from the Heart & Sole are available from the Carolina Marathon Association until one month after the event. Call us at (803) 731-2100 or e-mail us at info@carolinamarathon.org.

Post-Event Expo and Celebration

  • What time does the awards ceremony take place for runners? Approximately 9:15 a.m. We must wait for all runners to cross the finish line in order to have accurate results.

  • Do only the fast runners win prizes at Heart & Sole? Not necessarily. We also offer random door prizes that all runners are eligible to win at the awards ceremony. Runners are asked to place the stubs from their race bibs into a container at the awards stage in order to be eligible for the prize drawings. Runners must be present to win door prizes.

  • What time does the ceremony take place for walkers? Approximately 9:45 a.m. We try to wait until all walkers have crossed the finish line before beginning the ceremony so that all walkers have a chance to win prizes.

  • How are prizes determined for walkers? Walkers are eligible for prizes based on participation, not time. Walkers who wish to be eligible for door prizes will be asked to place the stubs from their race bibs into a container at the awards stage. Participants must be present to win.


  • Are strollers allowed at the Heart & Sole Women’s Five Miler? Yes. However, we ask that women with strollers be mindful of other participants and not impede the progress of runners and walkers.


  • Are dogs allowed at the Heart & Sole Women’s Five Miler? Yes, we’re a pet-friendly event. However, we ask that owners with dogs move toward the back of the line so as not to impede the progress of other runners and walkers.

Music Devices

  • Are iPods and other music devices allowed? Yes. However, for safety reasons, participants need to be aware of their surroundings and be able to hear instructions provided by course monitors at the event.


  • Can my husband or boyfriend run alongside me to help me keep pace? No. The Heart & Sole is a women’s only event, and we do not allow men to participate as runners and walkers. We encourage them to cheer you along on the sidelines, though! We also provide several volunteer pacers for runners and walkers. Listen to the pre-race announcements so you can identify the pacer you want to stay with throughout the event.

Hotel Information

  • Where is the host hotel for Heart & Sole? The Hilton Columbia Center is the host hotel for the Lexington Medical Center Heart & Sole Women's Five Miler. The hotel is located at 924 Senate Street, a few blocks from Finlay Park. A discount rate of $149 per night for a king or double queen standard room is available through March 18 on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve a room now or call (803) 744-7800 and reference code C-HSW to receive the discount.

  • Where can I get information about other hotels in the Columbia area? Visit the Web site of the Columbia Visitor & Convention Bureau at www.columbiacvb.com.

Proceeds From Event

  • Where do the proceeds go from the Heart & Sole event? The Heart & Sole Women’s Five Miler is not a fundraiser. It is an awareness event designed to call attention to the important issue of heart disease in women. In the past, funds from this event allowed us to donate numerous Automated External Defibrillators to organizations throughout the community.  Today, we use a portion of the proceeds to provide cardiac rehabilitation to women who can’t afford it.


Shoe Donations

  • Where do the shoe donations go that are collected by participants? The Heart & Sole Five Miler collects “gently used” walking and running shoes each year and donates them to local chairities that serve needy people in the Midlands. Thousands of shoes have been donated by Heart & Sole participants.